A Note on Recycling

What would have been our Origami recycling resource has stopped some of its programs due to the pandemic. We are still committed to green efforts and environmentally friendly products! We are still striving to make a product from as much recycled content as possible and that can be recycled when it is all washed up. Currently, the hulls of the boats are fully recyclable as they are grade 5 HDPE.

Our old hinge material was fully recyclable and we believe can be placed in the blue recycling bins that are present in many homes across the country. Our new hinge material may not be as easy to recycle but is a far sturdier material for extensive use. We are working to add recycling demarcations to the hinges so you will know how to get those recycled when the time comes. 

We’re also looking for new resources for those of you who cannot recycle at home. If you have any tips, send them our way! 

You can read more about recycling symbols here!