Early April Manufacturing Update

Our awesome CFO, Paul Hoyt, had some travel mayhem but arrived safely in Kansas!
Paul toured our three manufacturing partners and reports here on their great progress. The best part was getting to see the mold-making process close up!
He even got a sneak peek at what the packaging will look like when we begin shipping. Enjoy this short video update and see some of what he saw.
We are still on track to start shipping at the end of April. We will be fully shipping by May!
The survey process will be starting April 15th (our Chief Community Officer Elena's birthday!), and we will make sure all the kinks are worked out before we survey the rest of our awesome OP family!
We are excited for the next chapter of Origami Mythology- the one where you are in charge of what happens next!
You will get to write your own story about how you enjoy the Origami Paddler and share it with the rest of our Personal Wellness Community. We can’t wait to see the videos about your adventures!
And you get to decide what accessories and add-on components we offer next with your survey responses.
Remember, we will ship according to your date of pre-order. Our Kickstarter backers come first in the order of their pledges, then all pre-orders in the order of purchase.
We currently have a backlog of over 20,000 Paddlers and that will take us at least 15 weeks to fulfill. Your delivery date will depend on when we are able to start shipments in volume and how quickly we can ramp up manufacturing. We will continue to share as much information as we can.
A few weeks before we float your Origami your way, we will be sending you a personalized email to confirm your order and order details. Once your Origami ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number.
We are almost done setting up all the software needed to start the first wave of orders. Exciting times!
The Origami Paddler team is so happy and excited to see the next chapter of Origami Mythology coming to life.
We Thank You for your support, your love, and your light!