End of July - International Shipping

shipping 1We know you're excited to receive your Origami Paddler and believe us, we're excited to get your butt in a boat! But first, we want to make sure that you will receive your Paddler in tip-top shape so we are shipping to Kickstarter Backers in the U.S. to work out all the knots before we start shipping across the pond. Don't fret, though, it's coming!

In our last update, we estimated that a shipping container full of Origami Paddlers would ship to Europe and Canada by the end of August. Due to the global supply chain issues we're facing, it seems more likely that container will ship in September. 

We're working closely with our international shipping partners to get you your Origamis as quickly and as safely as possible!

We're also setting up customer service abroad so that you will be able to reach us when you need us!

In the meantime, you can expect your shipping survey to reach your email inbox by the end of next week - no supply chain issues here! You'll get to confirm your color choice and your address, and pay for shipping - this puts you in line for fulfillment!

Please keep in mind that your survey will be locked once it is submitted. If you have any hesitations about confirming your color choice or your shipping address, please reach out to our community artisans at support@origamipaddler.com first!