End of July - U.S. Shipping


We are actively shipping to Kickstarter Backers in the U.S. We started last month with a small test group and have slowly increased both production and shipping over the past few weeks as the process has improved.

We've received a lot of feedback about the state the Origami Paddler has arrived in - both positive and negative. We are celebrating all the wins and working very hard to fix the shortcomings of packaging and shipping. You can learn more about that here

Our Research and Development team is constantly testing and making improvements to the Origami Paddler and its packaging. We take pride in our team's ability to adapt and overcome bumps in the road. And we know that this continuous improvement effort will lead to Awesomeness for everyone! 

Other Shipping Facts and Info:

  • SUP Paddle handles are on their way! They’ve been held up in shipping containers, hanging out in ports, just waiting to get to you. As soon as they make landfall, we’ll add them to our website and start shipping them home to those of you who order them.

  • If you ordered a cart, it’s likely that you will receive it before your Paddler. We didn’t plan this or do it because we think it’s logical - it’s just the way it worked out. Remember Tip - our OP Source-erer? He’s been working to get items like carts and paddles from all over the world so some things are just ready before others. 

  • Orange, Citrine Yellow, and Rhodochrosite Pink Paddlers are dropping soon. We'll be sure to let you know just as soon as they do

Origami Colors-1