July Origami Update, Shipping News, and More!

Shipping Update

If you haven’t heard - we’ve been working on the shipping process and sending Origami Paddlers to a testing group. Over the past few days, we have asked for feedback, fixed some snags, and worked to make the shipping process better! While we are still refining the full production and shipping process, we’ve seen some good results, so beginning tomorrow we will get to fulfilling more orders!


Origamis will be leaving Kansas, on their way to Kickstarter backers in the U.S.! It’s really happening and we are so excited! We are incredibly thankful to the testing group and the entire Origami Family for their continued patience and support!

Bri Murray OP

Meet our first Origami Ambassador -

Bri Murray! She's pretty new to paddling but the sit on top OP design has her well on her way to becoming a pro. We're excited to keep learning and growing with her!


Timeline updates!

→ All Kickstarter Backers should have received their shipping-survey via email. If you have not completed it, please do so that we can send your Origami Paddler to you! If you need help finding and/or submitting your survey, reach out to our Origami team at support@origamipaddler.com. If you have submitted your survey already, please note that it cannot be unlocked because it’s in the process of being fulfilled - YEA!


→ Website preorders are estimated to start shipping September and October.


→ The first shipping containers to Canada and Europe will set off in August with Paddlers for some of our backers.


We have been updating our timelines as often as we can with the most current information we have available. That being said, the update with the most recent date is going to be the most accurate.

Shipping Notes


shipping 1

The community that we are building together will forever be the best part about Origami Paddler. You have shown us what real love is with your support, your patience, and your excitement!

Rest assured that our customer service team has always kept the Origami Paddler Family (that’s YOU) at the forefront of all our efforts.


While we initially thought that we would be able to produce all four colors within days of each other, we now see that it will take a few weeks before we have all of the colors available. There are two reasons for this:


First, we make the Origamis in batches of 1,500 because it takes a lot of time to switch colors, and we wanted to make sure the first batch was made perfectly before making additional batches in different colors; and


Second, we we don’t have space in our warehouse to store 6,000 boats, so we need to ship most of a batch before we make another one. Currently, each batch takes about two weeks to produce and ship. When we hit full production we will be shipping 400+ units a day, so the time lag between colors will only be a few days.


We surveyed our Kickstarter backers and determined the color sequence based on their preferences. So we are making Turquoise Blue first, then Carnelian Orange, Citrine Yellow, and Rhodochrosite Pink.


Here’s the really good news for most of you: once we have all four colors made the first time, your choice of colors won’t make any difference - we will be able to ship in true order sequence. We expect to reach full color availability in just a few weeks, about half-way through fulfilling the Kickstarter pledges.


For now, if you ordered more than one Origami, say a Turquoise Paddler and a Rhodochrosite one, they may come a couple weeks apart. Please note that swapping your color for another isn’t a guarantee that your Paddler will arrive sooner, and could cause you to have to wait even longer; it all depends on the orders in front of you and the inventory levels.


Each Origami and cart will ship it it's own box. So each one will have a different tracking number. Carts started shipping earlier this week!


International Shipping Costs:

→ European Union: $130 per Origami Paddler

$55 per cart

→ Canada: $90 per Origami Paddler

$40 per cart

Asia and Australia coming soon!


Jump In!

As Kai says, "You don't just have friends, you have to make them."

We've been dreaming up a way to bring all our Paddler Pals together and work with one another to do some good in our local communities - we think you'll be very h-app-y with our plan! In the meantime, look for some ways that you can contribute on and off the water!

Origami Colors

When we shared the first images of the Turquoise Origami the colors varied from photo to photo creating a lot of confusion. We are trying to learn from that and be more careful about the images we share and what they look like. As soon as we have good photos of the remaining production colors we will share them!

And please note that every screen displays colors a little differently, and every printer prints colors a little differently. We match the Pantone colors very closely during the manufacturing process, and are confident that you will be very happy with whichever color(s) you choose!

Origami Colors-1

We want to hear from you!

Send us photos of your Origami Paddler, your pals, your kids, your pets, and your volunteer efforts, so we can share all the OP love near and far! Submit photos and comments to marketing@origamipaddler.com.

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