November 2020 Update and Black Friday special!

Great Progress!

First, some good news: we are making great progress on bringing our Origami Paddlers to market, and we are still on track for March deliveries. 

We have selected our manufacturing partner and are beginning to create our large molds necessary to create a strong and light Paddler. 

We are also getting close to sourcing our seats and paddles, and we are making progress on our other accessories, too. We expect to be able to offer several options as we get nearer to shipping. 

We have sold an additional 250 units since the Kickstarter campaign completed, and we hope to sell 1,000 to 2,000 (or more!) by the end of the year.  The line is getting longer!


We also recently completed a color survey and now anticipate being able offer a choice of two or three colors. Customers can expect to receive an email when we get closer to shipping the Paddlers to confirm the shipping address and their choice of color(s).

And for those of you who have purchased (or plan to purchase!) multiple Paddlers, we are making sure that all the colors will look great side-by-side. We are eager to see the family photos!

Here’s the Deal!

Finally, we are steadily increasing prices and will continue to do so as we get closer to being able to ship from inventory. We expect to sell thousands of Paddlers close to our list price of $599 when we can deliver just a few days after an order is placed. 

And here’s some really good news for you and your friends: you can use the Black Friday discount code “OPTHANKS20” to get free shipping (a $60 value!) AND an extra 10% off our current price of $489. That means you can get a Paddler delivered to your door next spring for $440, which is 33% off!

Feel free to let your friends and family know – the discount code will expire on Cyber Wednesday, December 2nd.  

Have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving – this year, we are extra thankful that you are a part of the Origami Paddler Family!

Tim and Paul