October 2021 Shipping Update

Since the August production pause, the initial results of shipping have been very positive! We have had very few reports of damage, and have been able to isolate the issue in our packaging. Our lead engineer, Stefan, and projects director, Sarah, are going to Kansas next week to visit the production site and ensure quality control standards and processes are being met. 

Additionally, starting this week, we will be sending some Origamis in the United States and then Canada via FedEx to further investigate our shipping quality experience. If we switch from shipping UPS and USPS to another carrier we will share that information with you! We feel the experience of shipping from FedEx to Canada instead of using a 3PL partner may be better for our community, and allow us to oversee the quality more efficiently.

A sincere “thank you” again for your patience and understanding as we work to make this dream come true! 


We have also released the cart for sale on our website starting at the discounted Kickstarter price. We will ship carts as they are available, like we ship Origamis. Right now, we cannot guarantee they will arrive at the same time as your Origami but we know we’ll get there eventually! 

We are sending out surveys to the pre-order customers in our OP Family. Keep an eye on your inbox so you can choose your color if you haven’t yet, and confirm your mailing address!

Soon, you will also be able to preorder accessories, like carts, on our website. You can not add accessories to an existing order so please make a new order to ensure that your accessories and Origami make it to you as soon as possible. 

We are working to make payment plans an option so more people can get their butt in a boat! 


When will I get my Origami Paddler?

Kickstarter orders should be fulfilled by the end of November.

Website orders placed May - Aug. 2021  should be delivered by Jan 2022.

Website orders placed Sept 2021 - Today should be delivered by February 2022.

For more information, check out our timeline!