Rhodochrosite Origami Paddlers are shipping!

Rhodochrosite Origami Paddlers are floating out the door, too!

The long-awaited Rhodochrosite (pink) Origami Paddlers are headed your way! We’ve been shipping in chronological order as long as the color has been available, which means that all of our Rhodochrosite loving friends have been skipped, the same way Citrine and Carnelian orders were.

Our goal is to ship in chronological order no matter the color - as we continue to produce all four colors, we expect this to get easier. 


What do I do if I think my order has been skipped?

If you think you have been skipped, there may have been an issue with your survey or your address. Please check your email (and your spam folder) for communications from us, first. You can also reach out to our Community Liaisons at support@origamipaddler.com for further assistance.